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Brand and product registration

• Previous research.• Compliance with FDA regulations. For us it is of utmost importance to help our clients in the protection of their brands. Today we are faced with a market characterized by globalization and very strong competition. Thanks also to the advent of the Internet, a brand can easily be abused and counterfeited. For […]

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Corporate identity-Branding

For Dimag® International, focusing on developing the corporate identity of its clients’ brands is of great importance for success in their target markets. Corporate identity is the representation or image that the public has of an organization or a company, it is the way in which the company transmits who it is, what it is, […]

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Email Marketing

We organize and feed your database of potential customers through emails, then we open and configure your account in the powerful system of sending mass mail chimp emails Campaign creation We design and configure mass mail campaigns strategically according to the needs of your business, additionally we integrate your mass mail campaign with social networks […]

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Social Marketing

Facebook is a community that groups 160 million users in the United States alone, being this a direct communication channel with future consumers of its products and / or services, the segmentation capacity and analysis of user behavior help to segment their audience in order to effectively communicate the offer of your products and / […]

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Web Marketing

WordPress is the CMS (Content Management System) most used in the world, its vast community of developers around the world and its versatile management make it the number one option when developing web projects, additionally we adapt pre-existing templates in wordpress . We specialize in developing tailor-made projects under this platform and integrate information modules […]

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Protect your brand internationally

When arriving in Florida to install a business, open new markets or market a new idea, service or product, it is important to register the trademark. Protecting your brand is vital in the business world, so you must ensure that your company has adequate protection for your brand and trade name. Otherwise, third parties can […]

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    Dimag® International is a business management consultancy specializing in strategic marketing, accompanying entrepreneurs in the process of creating, growing and expanding their business internationally. Our location in the city of Miami is the link between the United States and Latin America, thus facilitating the development of new business opportunities in emerging markets.


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