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About us ?

We are a diverse group of Strategic Advisors with more than 15 years of experience in business management consulting, from the opening of the company, international trademark registration, FDA, FFR, USDA registrations, market analysis, business plan, business structuring as a franchise model, development of distribution contracts, Joint Venture, purchase and sale of businesses., online store protection contracts. We accompany our foreign clients in the process of their immigration status according to the business to be developed. We advise our clients on the internationalization of their businesses, always focused on protecting their brands locally and internationally.

Why Dimag ?

The global economy and political situation has led entrepreneurs to face great challenges, which implies generating new strategies and changes in business models, so that they generate competitive advantages and allow expansion to new international markets. Dimag is aware of the challenges and changes that entrepreneurs face, our experience of more than 15 years, has allowed us to comprehensively analyze business opportunities and work together with our clients to achieve their goals.

How do we do it

  1. 1
    Business evaluation

    Each answer has an evaluation that gives a score, which allows identifying the strengths and processes to improve the company or business project.

  2. 2
    Diagnosis of the target market.

    Analysis to determine the characteristics of a market, which allows knowing its current situation, (demand, supply) tastes, trends, prices, competition, distribution, among others, to develop the market strategy to implement.

  3. 3
    Strategy definition

    Strategy is made up of a series of planned actions that help to make directed decisions to achieve the goals.

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Demonstrated ability to create and implement diversified business development plans and multicultural marketing initiatives.

Maria Guzman, CEO

Brand and product registration

  1. Initial investigation of each of the products to verify that there is no restricted product or vetoed its entry into FDA or Florida. 
  2. Investigation of each of the products to determine if they require the SID Record (Acidity Test) required for packaged products with low acidity (pH greater than 4.6) or high acidity (pH equal to or less than 4.6).
Trade mark

We offer the service of trademark availability search and the process of filing and processing the trademark application, both before the patent and trademark office.

Product Registration

We offer services for regulatory compliance with the laws and regulations of the (FDA) Food & Drug Administration, (APHIS) Animal and Plan Health Inspection Service. (FDACS) Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service.

Previous Research:

Identification and evaluation of products.

security and trust


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    Dimag® International is a business management consultancy specializing in strategic marketing, accompanying entrepreneurs in the process of creating, growing and expanding their business internationally. Our location in the city of Miami is the link between the United States and Latin America, thus facilitating the development of new business opportunities in emerging markets.


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